Our development team has adopted a 6-phase “Agile” methodology with reviews conducted at strategic points in the process.

The six phases are:

  • Requirements & Analysis

Gather and analyse business and functionality requirements to create a draft product specification document.

  • Technical Design

Divide the system into conceptual components and specify/test behaviour.

  • Review & Approval

Conduct a formal review of any changes, approve and add to development roadmap.

  • Development

Complete software development to produce a working system that satisfies all the design requirements.

  • Testing

Confirm that the completed product/change meets all requirements and test in accordance with agreed criteria.

  • Release & Maintenance

Release changes documenting any new enhancements for future iterations.

The development process works within four-weekly iteration cycles, from development stage to test and final delivery of new functionality. New releases are usually deployed into production at intervals of one to three months, depending on the size and content of the release.