verify™ is a cloud-based platform that enables users to exchange and view real-time claims information. It incorporates multifunctional claims management workflow technology that helps automate claims processes, lessening the reliance on human interaction and increasing the consistency of outcome.

For insurers, verify™;

  • Helps to reduce claims leakage
  • Reduces claims lifecycles
  • Automates ineffective elements of the claims process
  • Enables handlers to prioritise work queues
  • Helps to reduce OpEx
  • Gathers relevant claims and performance data
  • Integrates with other agents/processes
  • Automates the claims escalation process to arbitration status
  • Integrates with internal/external claims management/administration systems

For other users, verify™;

  • Facilitates seamless administration of claims
  • Provides real-time visibility of settlement progress
  • Reduces claims lifecycles
  • Helps to reduce OpEx
  • Integrates with internal claims management/administration systems

verify™ is simple to implement, requiring no hardware installation. It is also purposely intuitive, so for claims handlers it’s very easy to use, with minimal system training required.